Shaddup Already!


A case of the giggles

We had a really long, boring day for the kids today. It started with a grade level meeting. I'm sorry, but when you get 700+ kids together in a gym and make them sit there quietly for 35 minutes, they fall asleep or get really hyper.

I must say the kids were really, really good.

Then we had a tornado drill.

For my area, we had to go out in the hallway, the kids had to face the wall and assume the emergency position

Meanwhile, we teachers had to walk up and down the hallway, surrounded by kids with their butts in various level in the air. We were forced to keep them silent and still. And I got the giggles.

Oh my.

I couldn't control myself. However, I laughed silently. So the kids, with their faces to the floor, couldn't see me. Whew!

Okay, I want to print some stuff that I can't let the general public read, so my next entry will be locked. Please email me or leave a comment if you want the password.

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