Shaddup Already!


where's my empathy?

I am still going to make that private entry that some of you asked for the password. I'll send the password as well. I just needed to type this entry out and hopefully alleviate some of the sick stomach I'm now feeling.

Someone, a fellow puppyraiser, emailed the group because her kitty was peeing on the carpet and she couldn't get rid of the smell. She decided to make said kitty an outdoor kitty.

Kitty got killed by some stray dogs last night.

Normally I would feel very empathetic for the owner who made a terrible mistake, but all I can feel right now is the horrible time I'm sure the cat went through.

It aggravates me to no end that people do this with their animals. You take a pet for life, you understand that sometimes it won't be convenient to you, but you don't give up on them.

You wouldn't consider turning your child into an outdoor child if they should start having accidents. It's just wrong.

I don't agree with the keeping of outdoor cats, with the exception of people who have lots of land far away from roads. I know this is a touchy issue and some may disagree with me, but hell this is my journal. Get over it. The reason cats shouldn't be outdoor pets is because of the inherent dangers in our modern world.

And now I'm sick to my stomach for a cat, who quite possibly could have been sick (but, no doubt, had a valid reason for peeing in the house), who didn't stand a chance.

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