Shaddup Already!


First day of school

The first day of school went pretty well. I think I'm going to enjoy these pre-IB kids. They are so eager to do whatever I ask them to do. What a difference that is!

I have to regular classes and one is already pretty bad. It wasn't the whole class, just two boys. They were grumbling and griping about everything. Talking out of turn, getting out of their seats pretty regularly and just generally being annoying. Once I got them out of the back of the classroom and confronted some behavior issues, they improved. I'm keeping my eyes on them, though.

It's funny because that is my smallest class. That is actually the smallest class I've ever had and probably ever will have. There are only 13 students in it. Today it felt more like 31.

Something to mark in the sweet file, a boy brought all of his teachers an apple today. I don't want to eat mine because I want to save it. However, I know that it will become a soggy, rotting mess if I don't do something with it.

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