Shaddup Already!


I want to take those firecrackers. . .

. . .shove them up your ass and light them you obnoxious blights on my neighborhood.


It is July 6th!!!!!!!

I have put up with your frickin' crap for over a week now.

It isn't "Happy Last Week of June and First Week of July" that we say. We say, "Happy FOURTH of July."

Puleeze, don't make me call the cops.

Which I will if you don't get your children off the streets before 11:00pm for the third night in a row.


I have now officially turned into the cranky old lady in the neighborhood. Just give me a few more cats and I can be the cranky old cat lady in the neighborhood.

Seriously, I'm considering looking into adult only communities. And I think the wise thing for the rest of society to do is to set up an island ala Lord of the Flies, so that we may fully practice Darwinian survival of the fittest with our children.

Although, I do believe the Steven King Kid would end up with a pig's head on a stick.

Maybe I should be careful what I ask for.

I did learn today that, if you must spend more than two hours with a 3 year old, get a 10 year old to tag along.

They model good manners by thanking you for the lunch you just bought them and when you actually pay them $5, they get excited.

It doesn't get any better than that.

Well, not having the three year old would be better than that.

But I have committed to sitting for my nephew.

Or sitting on him.

I haven't decided which yet.

But I have decided that I should be committed now.

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