Shaddup Already!


Babysitting the youngest nephew

I was watching Gage this morning. Well, all day, actually. He spent all weekend at the beach with his parents, grandparents and brother. Then he came home late yesterday afternoon and went swimming in my parents' pool. So he was tired.

He was also very whiny. He wanted his mommy. He would cry at the drop of a hat. So I was pretty much letting him be.

Me: You want breakfast?

Gage: No, not yet.

20 minutes later.

Me: Do you want eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Gage: yeah, sure.

Me: Are you hungry yet?

Gage: No, not yet.

Me: How 'bout you tell me when you want breakfast. Okay?

Gage: Okay.

The clock keeps ticking and we get closer and closer to lunch time.

Me: You want breakfast?

Gage: No, I didn't say I wanted it yet.

About 10 minutes later.

Me: You wanna get dressed?

Gage: No, I didn't say I wanted to get dressed yet!

He finally did get dressed, eat breakfast, lunch and then go down for a nap. When he awoke, I was in for another stimulating conversation with a three year old.

Gage: Aunt Chelle, 'member, you said after I took a rest, we could go outside and play.

Me: I didn't say that! I wouldn't say that!

Gage: You did too!

Me: It's hot outside. I don't like the heat. So why don't you go come up with a more believable story.

Gage: okay

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