Shaddup Already!


icky tummy and happy grandma

My mom has Atticus today. I woke up feeling sick to my stomach. Well, frankly, I went to bed last night feeling sick to my stomach. So Atticus wasn't getting taken out like he should have been. As a result, he kept pottying in his pen, something he hadn't really done before. So I thought he might like to spend the day with "Mom-mom."

My mom was glad to have him because she isn't particularly happy these days. Lately her best friend moved down from Jacksonville and has been staying at my mom's house. We'll call her S.

S has a son who we'll call JB. JB is a drug addict and has a criminal history at the ripe old age of 18. JB didn't have anywhere to live, so my parents laid down some ground rules and allowed him to stay at their house.

Well, apparently those rules didn't specifically spell out that JB shouldn't go through my mom's nightstand and steal her Darvocet and Percocet--which she has because she is recovering from surgery.

JB has been sleeping in the room that is reserved for my nephews when they spend the night and my dad found the empty Darvocet bottle in the bed. We know the nephew didn't get them because we would have seen a marked difference in behavior if he had taken 10 Darvocet. Not to mention that he probably would have spilled some and not been neat about it.

I went and checked mom's medicine supply and her percocet was gone too.

My mom doesn't want to say anything to S about this because S's dad just had triple by-pass surgery yesterday. To top it off, no one bothered to call S and tell her how her dad was doing AND S's mom was missing for the day yesterday.

To make a short story long, my mom could use some puppy cuddles. S could use some puppy cuddles too. So even though I feel a little guilty about shipping my baby off, I know he is being doted on. Cami is attached to me like velcro today. She is showing some signs of depression, but she is adjusting fairly well, I think.

At any rate, I'm going to lie down on the couch and get some sleep. I'm hoping the sleep and the nearness of my foster dog will help my tummy feel better so I can go collect my baby and be the mom he deserves.

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