Shaddup Already!


Sleep, what sleep?

I have come to the conclusion that having a puppy is like having a baby, only the time goes more quickly.

The first night resulted in Atticus waking up and wanting out every two hours.


The next day he was vomiting. Otherwise he was fine, but the vet encouraged me to bring him in. We spent our second nap time at the vet. Atty was asleep in my arms, dreaming of things like nursing and chasing cats, while I watched enviously.

The vet wanted to know if he was acting normal or lethargic. I said she woke him up, which was why he was lethargic.

He got medication and bland food, which he has kept down, thankfully.

Last night he slept for five straight hours!! Whoo-hoo!!

I've been sleeping on the couch because I can't have dogs or cats in my bedroom (a compromise made long ago with an allergist) so I don't want him getting used to sleeping in there. However, it is good for a new puppy to sleep near their humans at first. Tonight, though, I think I'm going back to my room :o)

Cami was hesitant about playing with the baby at first. However, a soft frisbee broke the ice.

This progressed to wrestling and sharing chew toys:

Overall I'm very proud of Cami. She is being so good.

Having a puppy is bringing up all sorts of emotions. I keep wanting to call Cami


I'm not sure why, but I do have two theories. One is that Destiny was very maternal. She was very strict, but maternal. When my parents' got their puppy, Rebos, they would beg me to bring Destiny over because she could discipline him in a way they never could. He was always much better behaved after a visit with Destiny.

The other theory is that the last puppy I raised was Destiny.

I guess I can come up with a third theory that this marks the beginning of a new era that ended when Destiny died in February of 2004. Maybe that is harder to adjust to than I expected.

At any rate, I have no remorse about bringing this boy home, but I will be glad when he is too big to fit through the cat door :o)

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