Shaddup Already!


What could be worse. . .

. . .than an hour long root canal without novacaine?

I believe I have the answer to that--lockdown for an hour with your worst class on the last day you will see them for the school year. Follow that up with a rousing department meeting involving whiny-butt teachers who like to complain rather than change and you have my lovely day.

Picture it, I have 10 minutes left of my worst class and Mr. Principalman comes on the P.A. system. This simply doesn't occur during the school day, so something is up. He announces that we are currently under code red. Fun.

That means we must lock all doors, turn off lights and sit on the floor--silently. Essentially we are to appear as though no one is in the classroom should a ne'er-do-well wander by and decide to take hostages.

This happens from time to time because my school is in a not-so-nice area. Criminals seem to want to run away from the police and directly toward our school and the high school next door. Usually the lock-down is only a few minutes in length.

When I started hearing multiple passes by the police helicopters I knew we were in for the long haul.

Turned out someone drove a luxury SUV (previously owned by some overpaid NBA star) out of the showroom. The police were conveniently close by due to a minutes old robbery of a credit union. The SUV crashed, the suspects ran--straight toward our school.

They caught one, the other got away--as did the bank robbers--or in this case, credit union robbers.

So essentially I ended up spending an extra 50 minutes with my most hated class. They cut lunches to 20 minutes and then I had the remainder of the afternoon to spend with my second worst class. I'm so glad today is over.

Oh yeah, I'm not even going into the department meeting.

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