Shaddup Already!


Life sucks when. . .

1. You ignore the whimpering of the dog when you want to sleep in only to realize she had diarrhea in her crate.

2. You find the pint of your favorite, hard to find Ben & Jerry's ice cream was placed in the refrigerator instead of the freezer.

3. You get to school a little late.

4. You have an upset tummy and diarrhea throughout the day.

5. Your last class of the day has collectively lost it's mind.

6. You get a phone call from your mom telling you that a routine colonoscopy has resulted in your father being admitted into the cardiac care unit.

7. This call takes place just before your students who have lost their ever-loving minds must leave in a somewhat ordered fashion and you must leave to supervise.

8. You call your mom back and she is crying too hard to tell you much.

9. Your mom tells you in a subsequent call that "it's not like they're going to do open heart surgery in the next 15 minutes."

10. You get home from the hospital to find your newly acquired baby rat dying.

11. Your dad is usually the one to bury pets and now you must take care of that yourself, only reminding yourself that your dad is in the hospital looking very old.

12. You get so tired after taking your medication that you begin to wonder if you took the wrong dose or the wrong thing.


My dad is pretty much okay, I'm tired and I'm going to bed now.

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