Shaddup Already!



Okay, so no one guessed on the movie. Maybe I didn't leave it long enough or maybe no one knew. Since I'm in the throes of my paranoid PMS (thank goodness this doesn't happen every month) maybe people just don't like me. Maybe they want me off D-land. Whatever. I'll leave it a bit longer, but you'll have to go to the last entry to see it. Am I'm not in the mood to make a link. Sheesh I'm contrary today.


Alrighty then, where we had left it, I had requested a 6th grade geography position or to stay on my team--meaning the same people.

Over the last month or so I've been crossing my fingers and wishing on eyelashes that I would not have to work with Thing 1 or Thing 2. It's gotten that bad.

So yesterday, as I was saying, the school was a'buzz. Principal-man was sending out team assignments and no one could wait to see where they would end up. It reminded me of going to high school orientation, when you find out who your teachers are. Everyone was gossiping and trying to figure out where their room might be--or if they have a room at all (we'll learn that part in another week or so).

So science-teacherlady (the one team teacher I would like to continue working with) opened her email and found out she was with the half-pre-IB team. She was thrilled because it means she will no longer have to float. Being a floater sucks, but being a science teacher floater sucks even more. I was happy for her, but sad that I wouldn't be working with her. Then I had the sudden fear that I would be left alone with Thing 1 and Thing 2. Or maybe the Fates would work in their wicked irony and add a Thing 3 to our team. Ooooh, that was a scary thought.

So I ran to the computer in the break room to see if I had the coveted email. I did.

I opened the email and was informed that I would be still be on Team 3. However, I would be the only original member.

I was not happy with the selection of teachers, actually just one of them. I got fairly-decent-SLD-teacherlady for science, then another teacher was listed. This is bitchy-I-hate-teaching-I-still-believe-I'm-in-college-teachergirl. She is a language arts teacher this year. During a department meeting she verbally attacked me because of my incentive program for students. She is one of those of the mind, "These kids shouldn't be rewarded for doing what is expected of them."

I wanted to reply, "Okay, you know what you bitchy little girl, from now on you will not receive any pay of any kind. Instead you will have to get by and be inspired to go to work simply by your evaluations." Because that is basically what we're asking of kids when we "pay" them with grades. Most kids couldn't give a rat's ass about grades. And I know I wouldn't be working if I didn't get paid--basically because I can't afford it, but also because it's nice to see my services are valued, however minimally that may be.

Back to the story at hand, when I read that this girl-child was on my team, my heart sank. My only consolation was that I might be teaching geography, because the email didn't tell what I would be teaching.

So I emailed Principal-man with a simple request of telling me what I would be teaching. He was doing hall duty around lunch time and he came over to talk to me. He was saying that, since I don't have the integrated curriculum in my hand and teacher-girl is certified to teach it, he felt more comfortable giving her the position. I can't blame him, as of 2006, all teachers have to be highly qualified (i.e. certified in their subject area and have taken certain courses). He did say that if I could get the certification within the next month, he might be able to slip me into that position. I don't see that happening.

I briefly mentioned to him that I noticed that Team 4's language arts teacher was listed as TBA. I said I really worked well with science-teacherlady and would like to stay on a team with her. He said that the position had been filled. Then he mentioned a 7th grade geography position.

I ended with, "Well, I really hate moving, so I'd rather just stay here since that Team 4 position isn't open." I thought that was the end of that.

I got a message on my voicemail later. It was from Principal-man. He said that he was mistaken and the Team 4 language arts position was open, so he moved me into it.

That means I get to work with science-teacherlady. I also like the other two people on the team. Plus, I will be moving out of my archaic portable and move back into the building.

The most exciting part of being in the building is that it is a more contained space. In the portable area there are a lot of blind spots and a lot of areas that teachers can't get to quickly. The kids know this and use this. Now if they would let me have a long-range taser. You know the ones that shoot out those sticky electrode pads. Yeah, that would be so cool. Uh-huh.

Better yet, they should start production on my ingeneous behavior modification device. I won't go into details because I wouldn't want the idea stolen, but it involves and electric shock collar, numerous remote controls and decibel meter activation.

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