Shaddup Already!


And the award goes to. . .

. . .ME!!! For not losing my temper and sending anyone to the hospital and myself to jail. Although I've never been the violent type, I've had just about enough of the Doomsday Twins, aka Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Now they're telling us that we have to stay after school tomorrow to set up the media center. Um, no, I don't think so. I have a very important appointment to keep, so I will not be helping out.

Wanna know what my appointment is? Well, I fell in love with a little rattie at PetSmart while Cami and I were there for training. I generally try to avoid petstore rats just because the conditions they come from aren't great. However, my longest-lived rat was from the pet store. She was also my first and lived to just about 4 years old--which is pretty darned old for an animal with a life expectancy of two years.

Anyway, this little girl is a blue hooded. That means she is a blue-gray color on her head and in a stripe down her back. I love the blue color and my favorite color pattern is the hooded. I saw her on Monday and thought over getting her. The breeder friend who gave me Moosie (the rescue that just died) was encouraging me because she could probably hear how much I had fallen for this girl.

I called tonight and asked if she was still there. Yes, she is. So then I asked if they would hold her until tomorrow evening. Well, we don't normally hold overnight, but yes, we'll hold her for you. Yay!

I have to get there no later than 5:30, so I'm leaving work ASAP.


Speaking of work (nice segway, eh?), yesterday the school was a'buzz because the principal was emailing out team assignments. We make requests, but you never really know where you will end up.

On my request I had a list of things I wanted, in the order I wanted them. The first was a 6th grade geography and the next was language arts on my team. Meaning, on the same team of people.

We filled out these requests months ago and I wasn't nearly as irritated by Thing 1 and Thing 2, so I did want to stay with my team in hopes that Thing 2 would move to another position and Thing 1 would settle back down into her normally frenetic pace instead of her whirlwind of doing too much, signing up for too much, regretting signing up for too much and then pushing work off on people.

My pizza just arrived, so I will finish this later. I know you are just holding your breath, but don't, you might pass out. However, if you are riding a school bus with freshmen who have jock straps on their heads in the seat in front of you, you might want to hold your breath.

The first person who picks up that movie reference will get a mention when I finish this entry :o)

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