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When a Good Dog Goes Bad
Written by Kay Nynz
Article courtesy of North Orlando Discovery Odyssy Group N.O. D.O.G.

The world was shocked at the arrest of a beloved neighbor and friend on several felony charges.

Camillia Dawg was taken in to custody this morning on a string of charges; including aggravated assault on a cat, petty theft used tissue, aggravated face licking and inciting neighborhood dogs to riot.

The officers arrested Ms. Dawg in an early morning raid. A police spokesperson commented that "she went quietly," although the police did put her into a felony arrest position for their own safety.

Upon further investigation, it has been discovered that Ms. Dawg has operated under several aliases, including; Cami, Camillia-bobillia, Cam-Cam Dancer, NO! NO! BAD DOG! and, most recently, Naughty Girl.

Neighbors in the small, quiet community were shocked.

"She was always such a good girl, such a good, good girl," said one neighbor.

Ms. Dawg had little to say in her defense, she simply uttered the words, "The cat did it."

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