Shaddup Already!



That would be the FCAT. Blech. What a stressful day for all involved. I do prefer giving the test in a large group setting, however. A lot less stress in giving directions and such. I also noticed that kids are less likely to ask questions in a large setting like that. Thus, the direction-giving went much quicker.

I was next to these two teacher-men who have our kids in their homerooms. The one right next to me was okay, only he sat on his ass all day. The next one over was something of a jerk. Everything he said was a negative comment or an argument. Then both of them started picking up the test booklets before the test was over because their kids were done. Um, when you remove testing materials from in front of a child, they seem to believe the test is over.

So their kids started getting restless--along with all the other kids in the vicinity. So our AP gets on the microphone and starts telling teachers to leave the tests out. Well, that one teacher started arguing about it. Huh? Just do what you're frickin' told.

Later, a friend of mine in the technology department (where these gentlemen are) comes over and starts saying a few things about these men and their lack of discipline in their classrooms. I can see it. My table was very calm, Thing 1's table was very calm, these two men had a ruckus as soon as the test was over. And none of us have what I would consider an easy group of students.

In the long run, it made me feel a lot better about my, *ahem* sometimes lax, classroom management. Apparently I'm not so bad after all.

Our afternoon classes were sort of chaotic in that we had one class that lasted about an hour and a half, then the other two were only about 20 minutes long. We got through it by playing Boggle and me throwing candy at the winners :o) Kids love it when you toss candy at them much more than if you just hand it to them.

Then I got home today. I walked in my front door and saw this:

My first thought was that someone was really sick or had a ton of hairballs in their little kitty bellies.

I was mentally calculating the costs of veterinary care as I made my way to the mess. That's when I realized it was


Someone, and I'm not naming names

got the bag of sequins off the coffee table and had a bit of fun with them.

Here you can see the almost empty bag:

Here is the trail leading up to the crime scene:

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