Shaddup Already!


A confession

I'm a cartoon junkie.

It's truly a horrible problem I have. I would go to 12-step meetings, but they all take place during the Flintstones or Snorks.

Now that the confession is out of the way, I have a funny little story.

I was playing a game online with the Smurfs on in the background.

I hear Peewee (although I just found out it's possibly spelled Peewit) say, "Where is that dumb fuck?"

Okay, I stopped short because we are talking an 80's era cartoon. Although swear words are used with increasing frequency on modern TV shows, they didn't even say "bitch" in the 80's. Then there's the whole point that this is a children's show.

I turned around and there was Peewit/Peewee in the middle of a bunch of chickens. I guess he said "dumb cluck," but that's certainly not what it sounded like.

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