Shaddup Already!



I have this thing about hard boiled eggs. I love them. However, I cannot seem to get them where I can peel them without leaving half of the egg attached to the shell.

I have tried dunking them in cold water right after they're done cooking. I've tried dunking them in ice water right after they're done cooking. I've tried cracking them and then dunking them in ice water. I have even tried the Eggstractor. I'm not proud of that, but I had to give it a go.

If you are thinking of buying this product, don't. It would effectively peel about 1 egg in every dozen. That I could do on my own. Not only that, but it had a habit of shooting the egg across the kitchen. Not pretty.

So every time I buy eggs, I go on the internet in search of "The perfect hard boiled egg." Many places claim to have this, but none have measured up--until now.

This set of directions claims to make the perfect hard boiled egg. It also talks about how "eggs cooked this way can be peeled neatly." Now, to be frank, I didn't really care if my white were rubbery or my yolks were greenish. I just wanted an egg I could peel.

Sure enough, they peeled quite neatly. And true to claims, the white was tender and the yolk had no green colors. I was quite pleased.

While I was cooking, though, I wondered who had the job of testing every imaginable way of cooking hard boiled eggs in order to come up with this little technique.

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