Shaddup Already!


Funny Kitty

I put an empty fridge dispensing soda box on my table so I could throw it away when I was done in the kitchen. My cat was sitting on the table and she just loves boxes. I figured it would take a few seconds for her to find her way inside the box and go to sleep.

I had my back to the table and I started hearing this sound of something hitting the mini-blinds on the window next to the table. I just figured Scout was tearing up the blinds, trying to look out of them like she normally does. So I wasn't in any great hurry to see what she was doing.

I turned around a bit later and the noise was still going strong. I burst out laughing because my sweet, smart (usually) kitty had the soda box stuck on her head. She put her head through the handle area instead of the end where you take a soda out. She was flailing about madly, hitting the blinds with every turn.

I contemplated getting my camera, but figured that might take too long and I had already ignored her situation long enough. I extracted her from the box and then continued to point and laugh.

I'm sure the cat will repay me for the lapse in her dignity, but it was worth it.

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