Shaddup Already!



I'm managing to stay busy these days. Right now I'm having an issue with my bad leg. The numb spot has gotten bigger. It used to be about 3 inches across and only about an inch wide. Now it's about 5 inches across (spreading around my leg) and about 10 inches wide. It's a little disconcerting. It's also getting quite painful, which doesn't sound logical for a leg that is numb, but what can I say. It is constantly tingling, burning, itching and aching. Then when I touch the leg with my hand, I can't feel it.


This morning we had a conference that was really nice for me. This was single father. He didn't know he had a son until his son was 7 years old. The boy's mom had named him after another man and told him that he was his father. So you can imagine the turmoil when his biological father finds out he has a son.

Ever since he found out, the father has been very involved with his son. Just recently he had his son move in with him, so that he would have a male influence on his life. The man he thought was his biological father (we'll call him the bullshit father or BSF) doesn't live with him and didn't sound too involved. The boy had been raised by his BSF's mom.

His father is being very good at trying to keep a relationship established with his son's family (the one he was raised with) while taking on the role of father.

He is very concerned and seems to really care about getting his son to grade level skills. He seemed quite willing to do whatever was necessary to support the school in helping his son. We just don't get fathers like this. We usually don't get mothers like that. I was very impressed and told him so.

After hearing everything that the boy has been through, I realize he is doing a remarkable job of adjusting. It will all fall into place.

This afternoon I made a HUGE mistake. We were having an after school staff celebration. Some people were talking about students causing them problems, so I mentioned a student I had last year that is continuing to cause me problems because he just can't behave. Well mom just happens to be the president of the PTSA. I turned around and guess who was standing behind me. Fortunately for me, I wasn't alone. Someone else was commenting.

I stayed and talked to the mom for a while, asking how her son was doing. We both acknowledged that he gets into lots of trouble. Hopefully it will be okay. The other teacher who was with me talked to a couple of administrators and a guidance counselor about what happened. So at least our hides are covered.

I really don't want to hurt anyone, so, for that reason, I hope she didn't hear me. On the plus side I learned a really important lesson and I will watch what I say and check about who is around before I say it.

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