Shaddup Already!



Yesterday I had a student call me over. She wanted to know what to do if she found out a friend was cutting herself. I took a deep breath because these are things you just don't like hearing about. I told her to give me a chance to think about what she should do and to see me after class.

She came to me after class and I told her to go talk to her guidance counselor (who is also the counselor for her friend). Then I told her that if she couldn't get in to see him by tomorrow (Friday) to tell me the girl's name and I would take care of it.

She said that she could tell me the girl's name now. I explained that it might be more respectful for the girl if she told fewer people her name. However, if she couldn't get in to see the counselor immediately, then I ABSOLUTELY wanted to know who we were talking about.

She asked if I would write her a pass to the counselor. I told her to go on to her next class so she could be marked present and I would call the teacher and have her write the pass for her.

As the student was leaving, I walked over to the desk to make the call. I was almost there when I heard my name being called. I turned around and the student was almost out the door. She had stopped. She had the most sincere look on her face that I've ever seen as she just said, "Thank you."

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