Shaddup Already!


Let's get this over with

Okay, the animals are driving me crazy. My mom is driving me crazy. My brain is driving me crazy. I just want this whole thing over with.

I'm currently setting up my "safe room," i.e. my second bathroom. I'm going to take all sorts of blankets and pillows and crash out in the tub. I'll have some water, soda, snacks, a radio, a flashlight and a bunch of books. In addition to all that, I will also have my animals. I may have to kill them. Every single one of them except the squirrel.

The animals are acting like kindergarten kids hyped up on sugar. They are bouncing off the walls, getting into any trouble they can find and picking on one another. My day has been broken into the following segments:

1. Boo goes after Scout, Scout screams, hisses and growls

2. Cami goes after Scout

3. Scout sneaks outside, Cami herds her back in

4. Scout goes after Boo

5. Scout chews on my feet

6. Cami goes after Boo

7. Cami brings everything she can find to me and refuses to give it to me. I must pry things out of a slobbery, wet dog's mouth.

8. Scout and Boo oversee the "safe room readiness program" They get a little unnerved to see their litterbox go up on a counter, but are relieved to see it cleaned.

9. Cami goes after Boo with major, ear-shattering barking.

10. Cami goes in her crate until further notice.

I think my only saving grace through this whole thing will be my duct tape. It is incredibly strong and should hold all the animals in their respective spots.

For those who are reading this and think I'm serious, you need to learn more about me. I would NEVER hurt my animals. Although, during Frances, I might fantasize about it.

Continue to keep me (and FL) in your thoughts, please. It should get really bad here about 5:00p.m.

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