Shaddup Already!



I just want to thank everyone for the comments and notes. I will get in touch with each of you individually after the storm.

Right now we're still looking at taking a pretty hard hit, but not as bad as we thought before. Of course, the damn thing could take a turn at the last minute and pummel us.

The storm will probably get here late tomorrow. When it starts looking bad, I'll shut down my electronic stuff. Right before I do that, I'll post.

Right now it is very breezy, which is very unusual for this area. We just had a short rain shower, but it didn't last long at all.

My yard is all cleaned up, I'm making ice and I have jugs for water. I think I'm set to ride this bugger out.

On another note, Charlie opened his eyes today! They are only half way open, but they are open. I will post updated pictures when this garbage is over.

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