Shaddup Already!



I just had to turn the news off. They are covering ground zero for Frances a lot. That means I'm hearing a lot of really scary stuff. I am not in ground zero. I will get tons of rain, more than 20 inches in 24 hours. I will get weak hurricane strength winds for 6-8 hours, is what they're saying now. I will have damage, I don't doubt that. But it won't be as bad as it is in say, Melbourne.

I do have to laugh though because there are all these dire predictions, particuluarly in Melbourne, and then they break for a commercial. They are playing the same commercial over and over again. What is that commercial you ask? A Labor Day car sale in Melbourne. I think it's for Lexus, but I'm not sure. I haven't been paying much attention other than to note how ridiculous the commercial would be on a normal day and then to think of the inanity of having a car sale commercial for a day when the town in which the car sale takes place will be completely shut down and probably have tons of casualties.

Here is a snippet of the car commercial, just so you can see how stoopid the thing is, just in any normal setting:

Glamorous woman looks into camera in silence for a moment

then she speaks

"Silence is golden."

another long, silent pause

"So is the blah, blah, blah Labor Day car sale."

I find the whole thing ridiculous because it never makes a connection between silence and the damned car. If a student of mine wrote something like that, they would get it back with a huge "REWRITE" written across is in blood red. Of course, my students wouldn't write something like that because 6th graders have too much sense for that.

I'm off to finish preparing my safe room and to panic a bit more. All this waiting is killing me. Did I mention that I have the starts of a cold :op I feel like crap.

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