Shaddup Already!


Okay, I'm scared

School has been cancelled again for Friday. I'm beginning to panic and I really don't want to live in FL anymore. I haven't wanted to live here for a while, but my desire to leave has taken on a sudden urgency.

Charley was bad enough, but it came inland fairly far away from me. Right now Frances is projected to hit the coast that I'm 40 miles away from. Can we say *ack!*

So you can see what I mean, I've prepared a little map. Keep in mind that all three locations are approximated.

We'll survive, I suppose. They are telling us if we have a strong house, to stay in it. So I guess it's safe enough. I heard my mom tell someone that this storm was going to last 10 hours. Sheesh! I hope I sleep through it.

So think about me on Saturday, 'kay? I would also appreciate any "go out to sea" dances between now and the next couple of days. Thanks :o)

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