Shaddup Already!


FCAT and Other Miseries

Since my dad broke his leg at my place, taking care of my dog, I thought it only fitting that I give him something to relieve his stress with. So tomorrow, I am presenting him with the following:

and a slingshot.

First day of FCAT was exhausting. My intern was exhausting. She has this habit of piping in at times that are inappropriate. She has some serious issues with classroom management, but still seems to feel as though I might need or want her help when I'm in charge of the classroom.

I was giving scripted instructions today and she piped in with some aside direction. I had to walk up to her and mouth for her to not talk to the class as a whole. Then later, I was letting the kids talk because they'd just spent 3 hours in silence. I was being pretty flexible with the warnings because I'm not heartless. I know they need to blow off steam.

So I cleared my throat a few times and intern pipes up with "That's the third time Ms. B has told you to quiet down."

Geeze louise, when you're in charge of the class, I don't speak out and correc the students. It's not professional, at all. Not to mention that I actually have control of the classroom when I'm in charge of it.


And now for your reading pleasure, some poems inspired by FCAT.

FCAT Acrostic
Flaming hoops to jump through with
preCision. Drowning in
Teaching at its finest.

Snuffles and sniffles abound.
Sneezing and snuffling,
Coughing and hacking,
Wheezing and whining.
It must be an allergy,
Of this, I'm sure.
Number two pencils,
Bubbles to fill,
Eraser dust floating around.

"Ms. B," little Suzie snuffles sweetly,
"Is there a cure?"

Why yes. . .



Write Your Congressperson

Yes, I know that you're tired.

And I know that your focus is shot.

And I know that you'd rather be anywhere but here.

Yes, I know that an hour is too long.

And I know that the passages are boring.

And I know that a 4 minute break should be 10. . .
. . .15. . .
. . .1440 minutes long.

But don't you see. . .

I'm just as powerless. . .

from the other side of the test?

Help end world hunger