Shaddup Already!


I don't mean to be elitist. . .

. . .but some people just shouldn't teach.

I worry terribly about my intern when she doesn't have someone telling her what to do every minute. I worry more about her future students.

She has a good heart, but she is as irritating as all get-out. In addition to that, her grammatical and general English usage errors are disheartening. The students are walking all over her while I'm still in the room! What is it going to be like when she gets her own class?

She is the epitome of what one of my team teachers said, "sometimes common sense isn't common."

We were sitting in the room the other day when they called for conferences. My team wasn't called, so she turns to me and says "what does that mean for us?"

Um, we don't have a conference. I know we had one scheduled, but clearly they didn't show up--or maybe, it's a conspiracy on the part of the front office to keep us from our conferences. Yep, that must be it!

I have more to say, I just don't feel right saying it. So I'm going to end this here and, eventually, you all will get the gory details.

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