Shaddup Already!


Some light-heartedness

In case you missed the update, I did include a link to the story on the school shooting in yesterday's post.


Now I'm ready to talk about something that's just plain silly. It happened yesterday.

When I got to school yesterday, I noticed that one of the teachers, Mr. L., was pushing a car. I assumed it was his car and it had broken down. I was going to ask if he needed help, but he didn't give me a chance.

The moment I stepped out of my car he yelled out to me, asking me if I could tell the office that someone forgot to set their parking brake their car was rolling. It was a red Camaro and it reminded me of the geography teacher's (on my team) car. But I was pretty sure it wasn't hers.

I went into the office and told them that they needed to make an all call that someone's red Camaro was rolling out in the parking lot. There was a parent waiting behind me and he just started cracking up.

The front desk person wasn't moving fast enough, so I emphasized that Mr. L. was holding the car. They made the all call and I made my way back to my car so I could get my stuff.

As I'm walking back from my car, I see K. (geography teacher) booking it to the parking lot. So it was her car.

Later that morning she told me that Mr. L. came in her room and said, "I know you have at least a $500 deductible on your insurance, so I'll expect a check on Tuesday."

It was a pretty funny situation and I couldn't help but refer to K. as our "gifted" teacher. She's a good sport and laughed it off. I really like her, even though she is a staunch Republican. We just don't talk politics.

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