Shaddup Already!


What the hell?

We have had a multitude of juvenile arrests this week. It is frickin' unbelieveable. The last was a 6 year old boy who assaulted a teacher and police officers. What the hell is going on?

Unfortunately we are just beginning to see the trickle up effect on the middle school environment. This year we have a few kids who I just don't trust. There is one that touches other people. I heard when they went on the bowling field trip (I stayed with the left-behinds) this kid touched a chaperone's breast. This wasn't a simple brushing against someone, this was two-handed, open-palmed contact.

I now have this boy set up with a two desk buffer zone. In other words, I have no one sitting within two desks of this child. If I had my druthers (and the space) he would get his own little 10 X 10' area of the class. Maybe an electric fence to keep him in.

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