Shaddup Already!



I have enjoyed my day off. After putzing around and getting breakfast, I went back to bed around 9:30am. I slept until 1:30, at which time I moved out to the living room and took up residence on the couch.

I finished a book I checked out from my school library and napped a bit. My animals were in Heaven.

Booger and Scout love to cuddle, particularly Scout. She likes to get up under blankets and purr like a freight train. Boo is more content to lie at my feet and sleep.

I took a quiz at the Cat Chow site. I found out that Boo Radley is a Diva. I concur with that result totally and it so explains the rhinestone tiara he is known to wear when he thinks no one is looking. It said that Scout was a lover. Again, I think this was accurate, because I know she does the things she does for love.

These things include weaving herself in and out of my feet as I'm trying to walk through the house when it's dark, weaving in and out of my feet as I'm trying to walk through the house when it's light and chewing on me when I've just gotten out of the shower. Okay, maybe that's not love, who knows what the smell of my soap is doing to her little kitty brain.


I forgot to post this picture when I was on my glut of photos.

I love that picture, I just wish it was taken on a better quality camera.


Oh yeah, I played around a bit and adapted my template to suit me. I put that picture of the baby rats because it makes me laugh every time I see it. I was socializing a litter of rats for a rat breeder friend of mine. I was trying to get a picture of their mom doing something. When I uploaded the picture to the computer, I noticed that little moment of sibling rivalry in the background.

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