Shaddup Already!



Okay, I have the mystery of the missing pictures figured out. I kept checking for the pictures in my new shoes entry. Well, the pics of my shoes apparently got deleted from my photo list. Hence, they weren't showing up. I'm glad I have closure on that.

Now I just have an issue with the template I've chosen this time. When I put photos in it, it starts the entry really low (below all the stuff to the right like buddy lists and leave a note) because the pictures are too wide, I guess. I'm not sure what to do about that, but life goes on, eh?

Does anyone know how to make a custom template? If you do would you be willing to share your knowledge with me? Although I like Lewis Carroll, I would much rather have a choice of some of my favorite poems and songs. They seem to be missing from all the template sources.

I'm also still wanting that "fuck your fascist beauty standards" template.

So any links to tutorials or direct help would be greatly appreciated.


The whole thing on Friday is feeling a little weird to me. I can remember being in that place and I can remember the pain, but I'm not feeling it now. I almost feel like two different people. I guess I just needed a saline cleansing from my tear ducts. I am feeling refreshed and rejeuvenated. How weird is that?

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