Shaddup Already!



First let me say, Hi teachin-usa I tried to leave you a comment, but you aren't able to get comments?!? I spent a long time composing this incredibly intense and profound thought on bulletin boards and then I lost it all to an error page. I apologize that the masterful words can never be reproduced (i.e. I forgot what I was going to say in the short time that it took for the error message to appear). Anyway, the thought was there :o)


So I had a really odd dream last night. It was a little disturbing as well.

*fade in to a dream scene*

Okay, so I'm in my portable, teaching, when the phone rings. I pick it up and it's the receptionist telling me that my class is too loud. She says that my upstairs neighbor is complaining about the noise. To which I calmly reply:

"You must have the wrong person, I'm in a portable, I don't have an upstairs neighbor."

I go on about my business and someone appears at my door. She tells me that I'm to report to the front office immediately, she will cover my class.

I go to the front office and my mom is there. I can't remember why, but she is.

I turn around and the receptionist that just called me says:

"I just wanted to let you know that a neighbor of yours is complaining about the noise in your classroom."

I respond:

"I already told you that it can't be me because I'm in a portable, I don't have anyone right next to me and there is NO ONE UPSTAIRS FROM ME!!!!"

She comes back with:

"No, it was you. He said that at the beginning of class you are yelling so loud that the kids can't hear anything on their headphones."

I cannot believe this, so I ask for more information. She tells me that I'm yelling at students outside, telling them to get to class.

So I come back with:
"Yeah, I have to yell at them because they are so far away from me and no one else is telling them to follow the rules."

She says:
"I know, you're just doing your job, I just wanted to give you a heads-up about the complaint."

I thank her and leave. As I'm leaving, I'm thinking of all my neighbors to try and figure out who it is. Then I remember that the receptionist said "he." So that narrows it down to two. Then she was talking about headphones, so that could mean it could only be Mr. J. I deduce this because Mr. J is a foreign language teacher and who else would be using headphones (we won't mention that we don't have those at my school)?

So now I'm pissed because Mr. J and I have a pretty good rapport (in real life and apparently in my dream as well). So I feel like I've been stabbed in the back. Of course I remember back to a student of his (in real life) who wouldn't go to class and ended up tardy. I called Mr. J to let him know that she had no legitimate reason to be tardy and he could do with that information as he pleases. So I figure that he was just mad at me for making him discipline a student.

It was all very bizarre.


Tomorrow is the beginning of the spelling bee. So by the end of the day tomorrow I will be ready to extract




my brain through my nasal





Wish me luck




My students just don't get the whole spelling bee thing and it will be akin to having all my teeth pulled out of my head with a combination sledgehammer/tractor-trailer contraption.

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