Shaddup Already!



I am so completely and utterly tired.


The CNL situation seems to have resolved itself with no more involvement from me. What I last heard was that Sophie is with a friend, dipshit met with CNL and agreed to move out in 3 days and CNL asked dipshit to quit using her car. I don't know what will happen to CNL's house since she moved into an assisted living facility, but frankly, I'm not too concerned about the house at this point. I'm just glad the dog is okay.


I was talking to my mom this evening. I said to her, "I'm seriously considering giving up on black-eyed peas for New Year's."

I thought what I posted before was an exagerration, but I think I was wrong in that. I think the description is pretty accurate.

I say this because when I told her that I was giving up on the peas, the look that crossed her face was one of sheer terror. Then she tried to calm herself and asked me why.

I explained about all the bad stuff that has been happening since I ate the damned things and her response was,

"Imagine how bad it would have been if you hadn't eaten the black-eyed peas."

I thought my mom was relatively sane, honestly I did.


I lost my kitty, Booger

ever so briefly this evening.

I'm not sure when he got out, but get out he did. I noticed he wasn't around when I was filling their food bowl. Scout was just beside herself and I couldn't figure out why.

Then I realized.

She was actually able to eat the food instead of being pushed out of the way by her brother.

I looked for him for an eternity, so it seemed, while dasterdly scenarios played over and over in my mind.

Finally, I heard meowing that sounded further away than Scout's meow should (she insisted on meowing each time I called out Boo's name). So I took my flashlight back outside and started scanning the yard again.

Boo was standing out in my side yard staring in my direction, but decidedly upset. I shone the flashlight on him, so I could see him, but that meant he wasn't able to see me. So I moved the light away from him and he realized it was me.

He was almost as excited as a dog to see his mommy there to rescue him.

I'd like to think this incident has scared him away from sneaking out again, but I'm not stupid enough to believe that. I just have to figure out if he got out through the porch somehow (which is screened in) or if he snuck out through another door at some point. I think if there was an opening in the porch, Scout would have left too. She is the one that really hears the call of the wild and is constantly trying to sneak out and play a rousing game of lion in the grass.


Something kind of humorous happened to me at school this morning. I have a Friday morning tutorial thingie where kids can come in and make up work. There is one young lady who has been coming in every week since the beginning and she is very dedicated to getting her not so good grade up.

She also has a twin sister. I'm going to call them Twin (my student) and LaTwin (her sister who has the same name as her with just a "La" added to front of it). They are identical twins, there is no mistaking that when you see them together.

So I was sitting at my desk doing some work, Twin was sitting at a desk right next to mine and most of the other kids were leaving. I was pretty engrossed in what I was doing, so I wasn't paying too close attention to the comings and goings of students.

Although it was time for the kids to leave, Twin wanted to stay to do some extra extra work, so I let her stay a bit longer.

While the kids were milling around and I was looking at my desk, the front office made an all-call (actually the office didn't make any calls, it isn't alive, but the receptionist did) about calendars they had passed out earlier in the week. They wanted teachers to bring any extras up to the office.

So, without really looking up, I asked if any of the kids were going near the office. From in front of my desk I hear what sounds like Twin say, "I'll take them."

Now I'm thinking this is a bit odd because Twin wanted to stay and work, I wasn't making her stay.

When I looked up to verify who had said they would take the calendars, I was expecting Twin to still be sitting in the desk. So I look up and there is Twin standing next to the desk she is also sitting in!

This was a little too much for that early in the morning. I did a little double take, realized it was LaTwin who was volunteering to take the calendars and who was standing up. I didn't notice her walk in.

I chuckled a bit and explained to them that it wasn't fair for them to be twins in my classroom that early in the morning. Twin knows my dry sense of humor, but I'm afraid that LaTwin was just convinced I'm more insane than I really am.


We got this cool new thing at my school where attendance is taken on the computer. I was chosen for the pilot group because of my astounding computer skills (excuse me while I pat myself on the back some more). So right now there are only about 20 teachers using it.

The really cool thing is that when I bring up my class, there are the names of the students, but there are also their pictures.

What is really odd is that I have a student, Blonde-kid, who has been in my class since the beginning of the year. Then I have another kid, Absent-boy, who enrolled at the school right before Thanksgiving, but has only actually come to school three times. Yes, three times. I am not exagerrating here. Honest. Three frickin' times. The authorities are involved now.

Anyway, Blonde-kid's picture isn't in my computerized attendance but Absent-boy's is. How whacked is that?

I guess they figured I wouldn't be able to recognize Absent-boy without the picture, so they damned well better find one and put it in.

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