Shaddup Already!


Don't they understand?

Okay, the doctor won't call in a prescription for another pain reliever without seeing me. I don't understand this because they have put me on other medication before that wouldn't be horrible to prescribe, like prescription strength ibuprofen. Now I have to go buy Motrin over the counter and pay a lot of money so I can take 4 pills 4-6 times a day. That's a lot of moolah.

I'm guessing they just don't understand that I would be willing to risk heart attack or stroke to keep taking my Vioxx (that is someting I never envisioned myself saying about a medication--ever). Or they don't understand that I teach 6th grade. Or that I won't be able to get an appointment until next week. That is three more, long days with 150 12 year olds. My goodness, can't they just have a heart?

I'm really not happy about this. Especially since not taking Vioxx over the weekend so I would have three pills left for this week has screwed up the efficiency Vioxx had for me. I'm still getting splitting headaches, only they are later in the day. I also don't know how I might react to ibuprofen after not taking it at all for so many years (ibuprofen and Vioxx can't be taken together). I tend to have really nasty side effects. So somehow I'm supposed to start a new medicine (or a new-old medicine), go to work and not amputate my head to get rid of the infernal pain.

I truly envy people who don't have chronic pain.

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