Shaddup Already!



I was trying to write an entry about how everything and everyone was against me today and my computer froze up. That says it all.


Examples of the plot against my sanity:

1. The side effect of tiredness kicked in today. I have hardly been able to move.
2. The Vioxx in my system wore off. I was sure I was going having an aneurism earlier.
3. My mother called to tell me that I had to come over and feed her dogs. She can't seem to comprehend the need to ask, if I would do something.
4. My mother asked how I was doing, so I told her. She basically told me to join the club and quit whining.
5. My printer jammed up while printing something for school.
6. My printer jammed up again while printing something else for school.
7. My printer jammed up for no good reason other than to flash it's little yellow button at me.
8. My printer jammed up one more time while printing something else for school.
9. My service dog in training is eating my house.
10. My service dog in training mocked me in front of the neighbors. I had to go outside in the 2000 degree weather we have in FL (in between hurricanes, that is) with a mind splitting headache and no bra on.

I could go on, but I won't because I need to sit back and see what else is going to attack me today.

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