Shaddup Already!


Prepare to be amazed

I want to start this by saying that it is only 10:15 on Saturday morning. Did you get that? 10:15. In the a.m. On a non-work day.

Okay, now that we have that clarified I can begin to amaze you with my morning.

For some reason I broke out of my perpetually lazy shell and actually got out of bed at 6:00 this morning. A good deal of that had to do with the squirrel who is apparently growing so fast that if he doesn't eat exactly on schedule, he starts to panic and looks for anything to suck on. This includes clawing up the sides of his soda box and chewing on his paper towel bedding. The poor thing was frantic this morning. So I got up and got his breakfast and fed him far more than he has eaten to date. For those of you who are following his story with interest, he changes so quickly that his eating habits change from hour to hour, it seems. Yesterday he was eating 5-7 cc's of formula. Half of his feedings he would stop at 5cc's and refuse to take any more and the other half, he would be offered 8, but would stop at 7. So this morning I pulled up his first 3 cc's. I'm using a 3 cc syringe because the opening is small enough that he won't get the formula too fast. I fed him more quickly than he has ever eaten before. On top of this he aspirated nothing and the first 3 cc's all made it in his mouth, not on his mouth. While I was pulling up his second 3 cc's, he was begging and pleading me to feed him more lest he should waste away to nothing in a matter of seconds. I got the second 3 cc's down him, with a little of the usual mess. Still it went very quickly and we had no problems aspirating, which we did in the early stages if I fed him as quickly as he wanted to be fed. While I was pulling up another syringeful, he was again telling me that if I didn't give him more milk soon, he shall surely perish. I pulled up about 2.5 cc's because I was having a hard time measuring with a famished squirrel in one hand. He downed that fairly quickly, except for the last half a cc. He finally stopped eating at that point.

This behavior is a huge change for him. As of yesterday, he had to be woken up to eat, but once he was awake, he was definitely hungry. This is the first day that he woke up wanting food before I offered it to him. He is also much more active, crawling all over his box with the grace and agility of a two-legged dog with a trash can on it's head.

After I took care of squirrelikins, I fed the dog, read some email and pissed around for a few minutes. I then decided that since I was up so early, I might as well get some outside work done.

I knew I would have to clean out one of my old rat cages for the squirrel because his soda box will not hold him much longer. So I decided to go ahead and wash my car while I was at it. What's a little more washing, right?

So I washed my car and cleaned out all the trash inside of it. I did NOT clean the inside completely because I am not that motivated. While I was waiting for the car to dry--I got that new Mr. Clean self-drying car wash, it works pretty well--I washed the rat cage and made sure it was disinfected really well. Then I thought, "Hell, you're already dirty and wet, why don't you wash out that ferret litter box you had set outside the other night." So I did that too. For those of you who might be wondering, I keep several clean boxes because I'm lazy and then I just pull out the dirty one, put it in a bag, tie it up and put it aside for later. I do set it outside of my house because I'm not that filthy :o)

As if all this other work wasn't enough, I then got in the car with the dog and went to get gas and breakfast--in that order. Although sometimes breakfast can cause gas, I haven't yet figured out how to get it into my car.

I went to a gas station and tried to pay with my debit card. It refused my debit card. I got paid yesterday, there is money in there. I don't know what the hell the issue was. So I drove on fumes to another gas station. This one I have a credit card for, but I tried using my debit card first because I wanted to see if it would work. It did. That gave me hope and went forth to get my oh-so-healthy breakfast.

I went to Sonic's and got some food that shall not be mentioned here because it is still sitting in my tummy like a rock. However, I will mention that frying and chocolate were involved heavily.

I came home, ate my breakfast and then, here's the kicker, I waxed my car! I actually waxed my car. I don't know what happened, but I do believe that aliens taking over my body is a plausible explanation. Did you hear? I waxed my car. Wow.

And I did all of the above before 10:15 in the a-frickin-m on Saturday.

I know, you're amazed. I warned you!

Now, I'm going to take a shower. Something I rarely do on Saturday. Whoo-hooo!

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