Shaddup Already!


They don't call 'em weasels for no reason. . .

Right after hurricane Charley, I bought my ferrets a new cage. It's a high rise condominium type lifestyle for them. I went for the bigger cage because I thought they would appreciate the room. Well, they spend most of their time on the bottom level. They only go to the second level to eat and drink and only because I make them. So that's weasel point number one.

Today I bought them a new hammock and Weezil

immediately got in it. It was like it was thing she had been waiting her entire life for and now she could be happy. We won't even mention that they have a hammock in the cage and they had a big hammock in their old cage.

I also bought them a food dish that attaches to the side of the cage. This would bring up weasel point number two. They had a food dish that hung from the side of their old cage, a homemade cage that was beginning to stink regardless of how much I cleaned.

Anyway, they couldn't manage to get the food dish off the old cage. So I moved it to the new cage and they pulled it off the side. That would be fine, except I have other animals in my house. Now, if I'm not careful, I have a booger kitty

pawing food out on to the ground so he can eat it and a bubbala-dog

sticking her tongue through the bars of the cage and pulling food out.

I had finally had enough of this so I bought an evil food dish that the weasels wouldn't be able to knock over. I attached it, Tooey

got all excited because she heard food being poured (which I was doing waaaay too much of lately because I was also feeding a cat and a dog with weasel food). She went running for the food level and then spent the next 15 minutes trying to dislodge this evil new food dish.

Fortunately, she didn't succeed. Chalk one up for me. I think that makes the score about 1 for me to 1,332,634,155 for the weasels.

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