Shaddup Already!


the first detention of the year

Studentgirl: (walks into class a full 30 minutes late and chewing on gum)

Teacherlady: Throw out your gum.

Studentgirl: (walks to trash can and back then proceeds to disrupt class by having several conversations at once)

Teacherlady: Studentgirl, hush.

Studentgirl: (still chewing on gum)

Teacherlady: Is that gum in your mouth?

Studentgirl: No, it's paper.

Teacherlady: Get rid of it.

Studentgirl: (does nothing but continue her conversations)

Teacherlady: If you don't get up right now and throw out what's in your mouth, it will be a detention.

Studentgirl: (pisses around a bit and makes no move to trash can)

Teacherlady: (walks over to get a detention slip)

Studentgirl: Wait, I'm spitting out the gum!

Teacherlady: (wondering why it's suddenly gum when before it was paper, ignores studentgirl and continues to write detention)

Studentgirl: (frantically scrambling to trash can to rid herself of the cause of all her woes, then returns to her seat)

Teacherlady: (hands detention to studentgirl)

Studentgirl: Why did you give me a detention? I threw out the gum the third time you asked.

Oh, I'm sorry. I was mistaken, I was at fault. I never should have expected you to follow a direct order the first two times it's given. What was I thinking? *smacking self in forehead*

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