Shaddup Already!


New baby pictures

I have some new baby pictures. Mostly this is because I'm making my students do a writing assignment featuring Charlie. Our guidance counselor warned us that some of the kids may be more traumatized by the hurricane than they seem. They also told us that our poorest area was one of the hardest hit areas in my county. Of course, it's always the poor areas.

Anyway, I brought in a picture of Charlie and told the students the parts of his story that I know. Then the kids have to write a first person (squirrel) essay about what happened to Charlie. I figured it was a safe way for them to explore their feelings about the storm because they aren't sharing their feelings, they're sharing Charlie's feelings. And all that other psychobabble.

Now the kids are asking me quite frequently how Charlie is doing. They wanted to see new pictures of him, so I promised to take some tonight. The picture I had brought for them to see was this one:

I also took the toy mouse in to give them an idea of how tiny he was. It's hard to judge when he's being projected onto an overhead screen.

So here are the new pictures. First of all, Charlie is a messy eater.

Sorry it's blurry, but the little bugger doesn't stay still.

Here is his new head shot:

He's really trying to get that eye you see open. His other eye will open later, I think. That's supposed to be normal.

Last, you can now see he has hair all the way down his back. His last place to get hair will be his belly. He's not quite there, yet.

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