Shaddup Already!


got my computer back

I got my computer back and let me say I'm thrilled!

Okay, now for the important stuff, baby squirrel pictures.

This is a pic I took Friday after Charlie's last feeding for the night. He has this routine for feedings. He eats, I clean him up, then he grabs on to anything he can get his paws on. It generally starts with him getting into some strange positions while hanging on to some part of my hand.

Then he finally grabs his own feet and falls asleep in my hand.

He always falls asleep in my hand. Even though I am trying to keep the handling to a minimum, he manages to fall asleep in my hand. I do spend some time "grooming" him with a moistened cotton ball after each feeding. I figure his mom would do that and it can only help him develop.

His eyes aren't open yet, but he sure looks like he's trying to get them open.

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