Shaddup Already!


trip(s) to the store

I went to the grocery store earlier and I got in line behind this lady who couldn't smile. I'm convinced that she will implode the moment her lips turn up just the slightest. She must maintain an evil, sour look at all times. I think she is related to one of my neighbors, who also never smiles.

Then I was behind GWB's car. It had to be his because it had a bumper sticker that said, "Misplaced Texan" That really explains a lot. Dubya really should've taken that left at Albequerque.

Then I realized I forgot the duct tape and ziploc bags that I needed for school (I'll leave their uses to your imagination, it has to be much more interesting than reality) so I took Cami up to the more local grocery store. You would think no one had ever seen a dog before. The cashiers and baggers were going nuts over her and couldn't keep their hands off of her. I gave up trying and just paraded her around to the other cashiers, so they could meet her too.

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