Shaddup Already!


The plot thickens.

Today was Friday, it was a good day. I really like my students. They're fun and funny. They also laugh at my stupid jokes.

Today I had a form they had to fill out. I met them at the door with it and as I handed it to them, I said things like, "I went shopping last night and bought you this." Some were really clever and acted like it was the best thing they had ever gotten in their lives. I love this stage of development because they are really starting to get a very individual sense of humor. They're getting out of the silly jokes phase and into the seeing humor in life phase.

Someone today (who is in the know) said she suspects there was someone sabotaging the first week of school to make our new principal look bad. No names were mentioned, but I have an idea of who would do it. I also wouldn't be at all surprised. It is really sad to me that some adults can be so manipulative and petty. Our principal is going to do great; however, even if he were the worst principal in the world, we need to support him for the sake of the kids. I mean, that's why we're all there--the kids. Well, that and the enormous wealth that comes with teaching in a public school.

He he. Speaking of working for the kids, I was trying to impress upon the kids that every single person who works at the school deserves their respect--regardless of what their job is. So I told them that everyone works for them. I said "if you all weren't here, we'd just be a bunch of adults standing around and looking stupid." It was a hit as far as statements go.

I really do love my job. I'm very lucky that way, I suppose.

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