Shaddup Already!



Hey, hey, I'm here! I feel pretty badly for not updating, but life has been going on and it's been a good thing.

I'm in Kansas and I absolutely LOVE it. Life is going wonderfully. I kind of freaked out for a while there because I accidentally emailed my diary link to my mother. At this point, I'm pretty sure she's gotten rid of that email or doesn't know what to do with the link anyway. So here I am, back with an unlocked diary. I wonder how many readers I've lost.

I have tons of pictures to post, but I don't have the money for a gold membership. So until I can afford it, you'll have to take my word on how beautiful my land is, how much my dog loves it, how much it has snowed or how adorable Atticus's new little brother, Dill, is. Just picture a 6 pound, black lhasa-poo with tons of curly hair. Yep, I went to the local shelter to look at a St. Bernard they had online and I found my little "bug."

I will post more as time goes on. Please drop me a line if you're still reading me, I'd appreciate knowing how many of you are still around.

I've missed you all terribly and *hugs*

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