Shaddup Already!


Has it really been 32 days?

Part of me feels like the entire world has changed since my last update. The other part of me can't believe it's been over a month.

Let's see, I've been to Topeka and back. I've interviewed for a job and got it! I put in a lowball offer for a house and got it!

I think I haven't updated because I didn't want to jinx anything. My unofficial job offer came in 3 days after my interview. My official job offer came yesterday.

The homeowner accepted every point of my offer on his house, except for the closing date. He wanted that to be later. I can do that.

So, drumroll please. . . .

Here is my new house:

and the view of my backyard, which might actually be my front yard, it depends upon your perspective, I suppose:

It's a berm house, which means it is built into the side of a hill. The only windows I have are the ones you can see in the picture, so that makes it the front of my house. I guess.

The back of the house is towards the road, so some might view that as the front of my house, but it is underground. Confused yet?

The important thing is that I have three acres :o) And that beautiful view.

The last hurdle to climb is the inspections. Keep your fingers crossed that nothing major is wrong to keep me from the house that I thought I would hate, but actually fell in love with.

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