Shaddup Already!


Mean Kids

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again before the school year is out, but this year's kids are some of the meanest people I've ever met.

As a group, they can cut someone to the quick faster than you can blink. They thrive on finding weaknesses and exploiting them. They don't have the dignity or self-respect to beleive that they need to show that dignity and self-respect to others.

This makes me very sad. Very, very sad. Of course it doesn't help that I was one of the targets of a racial slur by an ignorant little twit who thinks she's in charge of the world.

My goodness, how dare a teacher tell her how to behave in school. How dare a teacher tell her to leave the room she doesn't belong in. She's not even my student, yet she strolled into my classroom as if she owned it in order "to visit."

I'd like to think that someday she will learn a lesson in humility and respect, but I fear she will be one of those people who will continue to misbehave and never see the problem in it. She'll reproduce, no doubt, and teach those children that rules don't matter for them.

The last I heard, she will be on out of school suspension for repeatedly calling me "white chocolate" immediately after denying that she ever said it to me the day before.

Just a note, when I get my "practical life skills" class choosing appropriate and effective racial slurs will come right after the lesson on properly conjugating your cuss words and just before the "if you're going to sexually assault someone, don't put it in writing" lesson.

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