Shaddup Already!


Some days

Some days I love my job and school and some days I can't wait until I leave there.

I had a guest speaker on Friday, which was arranged by the county at my request. Now I have a not-so-nice email from one of the assistant principals because she didn't know he was coming.

I spoke to the dean who is in charge of our volunteers, thus our guest speakers, and followed her directions. I even confirmed those directions prior to following them. Now this AP (whom I have written about in unfavorable terms previously) is all bent out of shape because she wasn't in control of this one issue.

Honey, you shouldn't give up your control over the school volunteers if you don't want someone else to handle it.

Gaw, bureacracy at its finest.


For those guessing to where I am moving--I am leaving FL. I beginning to crave certain things that won't be so easy to find in my new location; such as sweet tea and Jimmy Buffett.

If that isn't enough information, I will say this--I will soon be centrally located.

Keep guessing :o)

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