Shaddup Already!



I'm sad. I'm not sure why, other than this is typical clinical depression sad. I wonder what's going on and hoping it goes away before I have to speak to the AP tomorrow about my guest speaker. There is a chance that I will behave very unprofessionally and ruin any chances for a glowing recommendation for a job in my new city.

Okay, I give up on the hints because it's too time consuming and I'm depressed enough :o)

I am moving to the Topeka area of Kansas. I'm excited because land and the cost of living is so low there. I'm actually going to be able to afford property and possibly some livestock within the next few years. At the very least, I'd like to get Atticus a little brother :o)

This is also kind of a chance to start over. I only know one person in Topeka. I think it's time for me to move away from my family and the people who have known me since I was a kid. I do expect homesickness, but the whole idea of moving away, all alone is terribly exciting.

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