Shaddup Already!


Happy Easter or whatever

I kind of forgot today was Easter. It is the Christian holiday I have chosen to stop celebrating completely. I know the traditions have ties with paganism, as do most Christian traditions, but I really need to be starting my own traditions.

If you celebrate Easter, it will be my tradition to wish you a Happy Easter. If you celebrate Passover, it will be my tradition to wish you a Happy Passover. If you celebrate nothing, it will be my tradition to simply say "Namaste."

I miss Passover. My best childhood friend was Jewish and I spent every Passover with her family. They are holiday Jews, much like my family was holiday Christians. I did enjoy the Passover holiday with them immensely, though. All the food was wonderful and the Seder traditions were fascinating to me. It also showed me how people are so very similar. When my friend's grandfather used to complain about the brevity of the ceremony, I very well could have been sitting there listening to my elders talk about all the religious ceremony that they used to have to sit through fo whatever holiday it happened to be at the time.

Oh yeah, I was allowed to drink wine then too. What kid doesn't like that?

Speaking of wine, my nephew is preparing for his confirmation. My sister was informed that they would be using red wine (instead of grape juice that is often substituted) while receiving the sacrament. Apparently Jarrod gags at the smell of red wine, so my sister and brother in law have been making him smell red wine so he can get rid of that gag reflex. They told him he didn't have to do anything but touch it to his lips (the lying will give him something for confession, I suppose), but they really don't want their kid to be the one who bursts out with "GROSS!" during this holy ceremony. Personally, I think it would be pretty funny :o)

I think my neighbors have lost their dog again. She keeps digging out from under their fence. I find this terribly humorous because they told my fence guy that their dog didn't do any of the damage to the fence between our houses--it is all Atticus. Atticus couldn't care less about that fence and never went near it.

I can't remember what I have posted or not, but these are the people that have called Code Enforcement on me twice. I think they were hoping it would get me to replace their fence, but all it did was put a 6 foot space between the two fences. Friday night their dog was in the easement running around. The only way they can get her out (I guess) is to climb over and hand her to someone waiting on the other side of the fence. Now they're working on the fence or getting ready to pass the dog back over from another person's yard. Believe me, if they are doing anything to that fence, I'm on the phone to Code Enforcement.

That's what they got me on, I didn't know I needed a permit to replace an existing fence. Apparently you do.

Speaking of neighbors, I'm moving. Any guesses as to where? I think the impending move is why I haven't been posting very often lately. I didn't want to jinx anything, but now almost all the cards are in place for my relocation in June. Really, leave me a note, where do you think I'm going? (I'm in FL now, born and raised there)

I want to welcome all my new readers. I will do that more formally in an upcoming entry. I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate you reading my blog. That goes for my long-time readers and my newbies alike :o)


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