Shaddup Already!


"It's a thing!"

If anyone has ever seen that episode of Dexter's Lab where he is followed home by a labrador retriever, then you have seen my dog. He is so much that dog it is insane.

Now my dog is quite intelligent. He has at least the vocabulary of a 3 year old, if not more. He can retrieve a toy by its name. When I say "Bring me 'raffe bone!" He doesn't bring me "Big Mean Kitty," he brings me "'raffe bone." He's a genius, I tell you, a genius.

However, when you get him in the presence of a moving kickball he loses most of his mind. Every day, usually two or three times a day, we have the following conversation:

Atticus: Mom! Ret me in! (it's hard to talk with a ball in your mouth)

Me: Atty, you know we have certain rules in this house. . .

Atty: Yeah, rews, ret me in!

Me: We have outside toys and inside toys. . .

Atty: Yeah, uh-huh, just ret me know what to do, ret me in!

Me: That is an outside toy. The ball stays outside.

Atty: Yeah, outside. Ret me in.

Me: Leave the ball outside.

Atty: Okay, ret me in.

Me: The ball stays outside.

Atty drops the ball, moves to come in the house and hears the ball bounce.

Atty: BALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

I shut the door in his face.

Atty: Ret me in!!!! Prease!!!!!!

On another topic completely, this guy

was quite patient in granting me photo rights. He's a red-shouldered hawk, by the way. Isn't he gorgeous?

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