Shaddup Already!


blah, blah, blah

I'm still alive.

The intervention with my mom went surprisingly well. She handled it like a trooper and is cutting back on her meds according to her doctor and therapist's advice. She is also in counseling every week. So that's good.

One of my best friends at school deserted me. Rosemary, I hope you're still reading this. I love ya, but you stink right now :o) Okay, okay, I'll be visiting you this summer and I'll be over the anger by then.

I think.

Seriously, I'm not at all angry, just sad. She has been so mistreated this year by our glorious new administration. The same administration who is spitting in the face of nationally mandated character education. The same administration who is pulling language arts teachers out of their classrooms every frickin' month for inservices. The same administration that is pulling all teachers out of their classrooms for two full days for another inservice. The same administration who can't decide whether they want us to focus on reading or writing and are making us attend workshops that are at odds with each other. And finally, the same administration who is backstabbing another of my friends. She is department head and principalbitch has been sending her pet writing coach to all the department head meetings. Without my friend's prior knowledge.

That reminds me that I need to finish my reading endorsement coursework so that I can get another job next year. At a different school. The unknown scares me, but principalbitch scares me more.

National Board keeps pissing around and I have yet to see my scores. Now it looks as though they might just drag this out until their self-imposed deadline of December 31st. I wouldn't be so upset except that they have reported scores on the Friday before Thanksgiving for at least the past four years and they can't get it done this year. I just want to know.

I think I'm going to take their approach to evaluation: "Okay, kiddies, you took this really big, important test today--I'll let you know in 10 months how you did."

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