Shaddup Already!



Yesterday something somewhat serendipitous happened. That's alliteration, by the way. I didn't intend it, but since I'm teaching my kids figurative language right now, I thought I would point out my accidental genius.

Speaking of genius, I'm not sure serendipitous is the correct word, but I like it, so I'm going with it.

I was teaching my 3rd period class, which contains A. Her aunt is one of our security personnel at school, C.

I really like C, she's funny, smart and no nonsense.

Anyway, she has been popping into A's classes lately because A has not been doing so well in school. I suspect that C's brother asked her to do this. I encourage it wholeheartedly. Our school is one in which they encourage security and admin to go in and out of classrooms all the time. It lets them know what's going on and lets the kids see their presence. Overall, I think it helps.

Anyway, I was giving the kids a quiz yesterday and A finished. She was doing something quietly at her seat as I wandered about watching the students, seeing what they were up to. Suddenly I heard a loud click come from under the table at A's seat. I walk over to investigate.

Me: What was that?
A: Nothing.
Me: What do you have in your hands?
A: It's just a pen, it's nothing.
Me: If it's nothing, then just show me. Your behavior is making me suspicious.

Meanwhile, I had the feeling that someone had come in the room. I turned and saw C, standing next to the door watching this exchange. I was delighted.

A: It's a cell phone. I was just turning it off.
Me: Why is it out of your backpack?
A:(stumbles her words quite a bit)

C walks over and I tell A to give the phone to her aunt.

The look on A's face when she saw her aunt was priceless. Seriously, I walked over to C and told her she had exceptional timing.

C called her brother later and let me know that A isn't even supposed to have a phone. I don't envy A this weekend because I got the definite impression that dad is just as no-nonsense as C is.

In other news, things are getting pretty bad with my family. My mother is spinning out of control and rumor has it that she is abusing Clonopin. We are planning an intervention for Wednesday. I'm scared and sad, but I also know that this can't go on. I fear that if my mom doesn't get help, she will be dead within a year. Not necessarily from drugs, but from the stress she puts herself under.

And as much as I don't want this to happen, I know that I've already lost my mom. This person that is living in her body is not my mother. So I've already lost her. I hope she will get help and will understand that this was done with love. I want her back.

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