Shaddup Already!


If I'm outsmarted by my slowest student. . .

. . .what does that make me?

Ah, the eternal question that I think most teachers have to eventually ask themselves. I just didn't expectmy turn to be from this child in this way.

D comes into class yesterday and he has FVCK written Ozzy Osbourne style along his fingers and with a highly decorate motif on the back of his hand.

So I ask him about it.

He responds:
It's not bad, it means duck in Russian. A kid told me.

I try not to laugh while I talk to him further:

Me: And you believed this student?

D: (looking incredulous that I would even ask) Yeah.

Me: Do you think that was smart?

D: (looking even more incredulous) Yeah.

So I went across the hall and asked another teacher if she had a dress code form. I figured I ought to send D down to discipline and have them sort it out.

As I'm filling out the form, I call discipline to see if it's okay for me to send him. I realize it's lunchtime and all the AP's are covering lunch duty, but I can't keep him in my room. The secretary acquiesces, although I can hear in her voice that she isn't happy about it.

I walk over to D:

Me: You need to go to discipline.

D: Why? It means duck in Russian! It does!

Me: I don't believe that you meant anything wrong when you wrote it. I trust that you believed this other kid, but it is clearly inappropriate for school. You need to go down to discipline.

D: Please, don't make me go. Why can't I stay here?

Me: We need to get this taken care of, you need to go to discipline, now. You can tell them your side of the story.

D: I don't want to go, don't make me go (almost crying). Can't I just wash it off?

I felt so very stooopid. Yeah, he could have just washed it off. Yeah, I could have saved this whole scene in the classroom. Yeah, I could have not ticked off the discipline secretary. Yeah, I'm a genius.

Of course now there is the issue of him trying to manipulate the situation. I know this kid, if I let him just go wash his hands, he will continue to push the boundaries. He has pretty much refused a directive from me and that is a bad precedent to set. I had to send him.

He was in the office for about 15 minutes and came back with a freshly washed hand. They kept the paperwork, which is good because this kid really needs some intervention. I hope someone talked to him about choices and it was at least a better learning experience than he would have gotten by me making him wash his hand.

I did talk to him when he came back and let him know that sometimes, like in the documentary "I Clavdivs," or Greek looking spellings of "Covrtroom" that the V is used in place of a U.

And although I know absolutely no Russian, I'm pretty sure that Fuh-vuck doesn't mean duck in that language.

But I could be wrong, it's happened before.

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