Shaddup Already!


Make-up and mantras

I have been on a make-up hunt. And has it been painful.

I now have about 25 different foundations, I exaggerrate. . .slightly, all just a touch off of my natural shade.

I'm beginning to think that my natural shade is not so natural. Argh!

A couple of years ago I discovered Almay's Nearly Naked line and I loved it. It was light coverage that truly felt like you weren't wearing make-up at all.

So after trying other cheaper brands, I decided to go back and get the Almay.

They've changed their forumla or something. I hated it! It made me look like I was wearing a porcelin mask and it made me feel as though I was just about to commit a bank robbery in a permanent ski mask. It's not exactly an ideal feeling for Florida in July, ya know?

So I looked into foundations, read reviews and found this:

It changes color as you put it on. It matches itself to your skin tone. Wha?!?

Okay, well, I've already thrown away an inordinate amount of money on make-up, so what's another $12?

I love it! It works! It's like that mood changing lipstick--only better because it doesn't change from green to a bright fuschia. It goes from white to bright fuschia.


Seriously, it looks natural and I think I might just like this stuff. It may send me to the poorhouse because it comes in a fairly small package, but I'll be the best looking middle school teacher in the poorhouse.

That's saying a lot because most middle school teachers frequent the poorhouse.

Speaking of shallow self-absorption, I've been studying the principles of Buddhism this summer.

That was an ironic comment, for those of you who are not familiar with the principles of Buddhism.

Anyway, I'm really drawn to it because it embodies most of what I already believe. I also appreciate it because it is available to anyone who wants to study and expand their world view.

It's not required for you to convert to Buddhism in order to get benefit from the Buddhist teachings. I like that--completely opposite from the Christianity I was raised with.

Anyway, I decided it might not be a bad idea for me to strive towards the Buddhist ideals that lead to enlightenment. It's all the things that I currently believe, but don't always practice.

The Buddhism has allowed me a means to have a reminder of the person I am striving to be. So I decided I wanted a little trinket that I could look at and remember what I want to be all about, instead of what I am often all about.

I found out about the Buddhist prayer "Om Mani Padme Hum." If any of my readers are Buddhist and find that I need to correct something, please feel free to comment. I'm just learning this stuff.

Anyway, this prayer is central to Buddhism. From what I understand, it doesn't have an English translation, but it embodies all of the principles of the Buddhist teachings.

So now I had something to hold in my mind as a reminder of my spiritual commitment; but I'm the kind of person who needs a more physical reminder of such.

That's when I found this:

The best thing is that it mimics a prayer wheel in that you can turn the sanskrit. Each turn is supposed to equal saying the prayer 100 times, I think. I haven't quite understood that aspect, yet.

Anyway, I received my ring today and am really enjoying looking at it.

I'm hoping it will keep me strong during this school year, in which I have decided to try really hard to not gossip about others. This is a vice I enjoy way too much and something I'm not really proud of. So I hope I will find strength through my new prayer and a reminder from my ring; and hopefully I will become the person my dog thinks I am.

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